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Develop a community team (even before you hire them)

So many community builders either plan to do everything themselves or hire a community manager. But if you don’t know how the community will support your business model, or if you don’t have a business yet, it may be too soon to know exactly what that support should look like or whether you need any.

You may hire professionals who offer services to support you as the host or engage team members to manage aspects of the design, community building, content writing, copywriting, marketing materials, education, or funding.

When starting the search to fill your community roles, you may find different definitions than I offer here. Be aware there are many different types of communities and infinite possibilities for a community’s structure and strategy. The more complex a community strategy is, the more time it will take to educate your team and audience.

During the next Community Consultant Collective, we will discuss community roles and how consultants can help a business owner decide when and how to hire a community team member.

Here is an example of a few community roles for a paid online community, network, or program:

  1. A Community Host - to guide the vision, mission, and purpose.

  2. A Community Facilitator- to support the programming, events, or workshops.

  3. A Community Manager - to onboard and support members and encourage participation within the community.

  4. A Strategy Consultant - to create processes and tools to increase conversions from your marketing and advertising efforts to your programs.

  5. Marketing Manager- to help promote, advertise, and scale your business.

Are you a community consultant looking for more insights, discussions, and a network of professionals like yourself? Then, we invite you to join the Community Consultants Collective. Our next meetup is Wednesday, August 2nd at 12 PM Eastern.

CCC News and Updates

The Community Consultants Collective is looking for new board members! If you know someone that would be a good fit, don't hesitate to contact to learn more.

The July CCC meeting topic focused on scope creep; if you missed it, check out the recap on the blog; click here to read it.

Join us for the next Community Consultants Collective session by going to CommunityConsultants.Life/Events and signing up for the recurring link, add it to your calendar (click add events) so that you don’t miss any coming up in the future!

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