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The Community Consultancy Collective is a safe space for community consultants and those considering transitioning to the field of consultancy can regularly connect with each other in monthly live video calls.

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We share our knowledge, experiences, and expertise to help other consultants grow their practices. We believe that by being better community consultants we can build better communities, and that better communities can change the world.

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We work together to develop creative solutions to challenges as we learn and grow from our shared experiences. The Community Consultancy Collective celebrates the positive impact that consultants can have on their clients' communities, and the great impact that communities can have on the world.

"Community consulting is a profession that is only just emerging. Expertise in our area is still rare, so the opportunity to belong to CCC means we can support each other, share knowledge, and set high professional standards."

Todd Nilson

Let’s build the future.

Join the Collective

If you are a community consultant or are considering becoming one, join the Community Consultancy Collective to learn, grow, and connect with other community consultants.

Attend our monthly calls

As a member of the Community Consultancy Collective you are able to attend our dedicated monthly meetings to learn and grow with your fellow consultants.

Get listed in the directory

The Community Consultancy Collective Directory connects community consultants with opportunities to build communities for brands who value community expertise.

Collaborate on projects

We’re simply stronger together than any one of us could be in our standalone consultancies. By meeting regularly, we learn about each other’s strengths meaning that we’re more likely to work together and seek out the specialized expertise each one of us has developed.

Find a Community Consultant

Is your brand building a community? Are you ready to bring on talented community consultants to support your community-building efforts? Explore the Directory to meet your future community consultant.

Candy Cotton

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