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Meet the Community Consultants Collective.

We believe that the future of business is community-led.

It takes great a great team to help businesses reach their full community-building potential. That's why community consultancy is an essential and growing field of practice.

At the Community Consultants Collective, we are building the framework for new and existing community consultants to learn, grow, and connect with each other in a safe space online. We believe that the best practices in community building should be shared and explored together.


Increasing the positive impact of communities.


To be the leading global community and knowledge hub for community consultants who help business and organization leaders build, launch, and grow successful online communities.


To shape the future of the community consultant profession through education, connection, and inspiration.


To be the watering hole for community professionals transitioning to freelance and consultancy to get support, training, and the tools to grow their expertise.

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