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Audience vs. Community: What's the Difference? | Carolyn Zick

There is a difference between an audience and a community when it comes to social marketing. Let's explore Carolyn's take on the distinction between audience and community online, and go over the strategies that you can use to engage your audience and build a community.

The biggest distinction is that in an audience, you experience one-to-many communication: a brand or a person is communicating to a group of followers. In a community, communication happens in a many-to-many fashion. Not only is the brand or individual communicating, but members have the opportunity to share that stage and also connect.

Check out Carolyn's video for a full exploration of audience vs. community and how they can work together.

About the Speaker:

Carolyn Zick Community Consultants Collective Advisory Board Member

Carolyn Zick, founder of Bad Axe Enterprises, provides digital marketing services that are intentional, impactful and protective of mental health. She helps business owners and community organizations create strategies that offer effective marketing while promoting healthy internet-use boundaries. Services and packages are custom tailored to individual client's needs.


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