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How to Find Your Niche as a Consultant

If you’ve been thinking about launching your own business or want to start working with clients, it’s great to figure out how you will set yourself apart from others in the marketplace.

Finding a niche seems to be the biggest challenge for many consultants, and the Community Consultants Collective is excited to share that we will discuss this topic during our June session.

Join us on Wednesday, June 7th at 12 PM Eastern for an open discussion about how to find your niche as a consultant. Register here.

Last month the CCC’s monthly meetup focused on business strategies and pricing services for new and emerging consultants. Many members expressed that this was helpful but that they still struggled with how to show up differently and separate themselves from others in the industry.

Identify your strengths, skills, and interests.

One perspective that you might find helpful is to write out your strengths, skills, and interests and identify what you enjoy doing compared with what usually burns you out.

Consider when you’ve felt energized; what were you doing?

When you do work that you enjoy, you light up! People can see it in your face, and you can’t stop thinking about it, researching it, and talking about it with others. What was the last thing that made you feel like that?

Now think about what people come to you for help with or when people have reached out to you for your expertise.

What was the situation, and how did you solve the problem?

Finding the core things that you do really well, aligned with what you enjoy doing and what people know about your talents, you’ll be able to find your unique offers for specific clients.

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