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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The Community Consultants Collective is a mix of individuals from different experiences, companies, and organizations with diverse expertise, specialties, and certifications.

We seek experienced community consultants and want to know our membership better for future collaborations. In hopes of having a better connection with you, we'd like you to take the time to fill out a form to provide your details to be listed in our "Find a Consultant" directory.

In the future, we hope to showcase each consultant and feature members who are experienced professionals for upcoming meetups. If you are interested in sharing a topic, you are an expert on or have a request for a meetup topic in 2025.

Community News

  • On October 26th, at 12 PM Eastern, Jenny will share her experiences and give attendees tips on reaching out to platforms and presenting media to clients. This replaces the CCC's expected meetup date due to a conflict with some members attending the CMX Summit. NO MEETING FIRST WEDNESDAY OF OCTOBER Click here to register for October's special meeting.

  • Interested in applying for a position on the CCC Advisory Board? Click here to learn more and apply. Nominations for board members will take place during the January meeting.

Stay updated with the CCC as a member by checking out our resources.

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