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Starting a Community Consultancy: Find your Niche, Get Set, & Go | Ilker Akansel

The time of the community has arrived, and so has the Great Resignation! There hasn't been a better time to set the course to become a community consultant, and to provide value to companies, organizations and communities out there! Ex Googler, Cisconian, Olympic Games Maker, veteran of the CMX ecosystem as a chapter founder and an experienced community consultant and mentor, Ilker Akansel will tell you what you need to know before you make the leap, show you the ways to find your community niche, walk you through the steps and even give you a few clues as to where the industry is heading to.

About the Speaker:

Ilker Akansel

Community Consultants Collective Advisory Board Member

Founder & Community Strategy Consultant

Ilker is a Community Management and Strategy consultant who specializes in determining and enhancing the business value that communities can provide to organizations. He is also currently writing the very first book on Community Management in Turkish.


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