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How consultants can build partnerships with community platforms

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

How consultants can build partnerships with community platforms
How consultants can build partnerships with community platforms

Most consultants rely on their existing network, colleagues, and companies that they've worked with to kickstart their business.

Another way that consultants have found ways to bring additional revenue is by partnering with platform providers to establish a consistent referral network. Platforms need customers just as much as consultants do, so working together to offer a client a direct solution and being able to communicate with that platform directly gives a consultant an extra boost.

Not to mention that the number one question community consultants get is "Where is the best place to build an online community?" and the answer is always… "It depends."

However, if you are a consultant who has built a relationship with the top three or five platforms, you can not only guide the client in platform selection, but you can assure them that the services they are promised live up to their expectations.

One of the Community Consultants Collective members, Jenny Weigle, has been partnering with platforms and found many benefits in building relationships with them since starting her business. She will provide tips for how consultants can build partnerships with community platforms.

How consultants can build partnerships with community platforms

On October 26th, at 12 PM Eastern, Jenny will share her experiences and give attendees tips on reaching out to platforms and presenting media to clients. This replaces the CCC's expected meetup date due to a conflict with some members attending the CMX Summit.

Click here to register for October's special meeting.

Jenny Weigle works with enterprise brands to build thriving online customer communities. For over ten years, she’s worked with more than 100 brands on various aspects of their community strategy and supported implementations, including launch, migration, programming, and planning.

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