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Collaborating with Community Consultants

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Consider Collaborating with consultants for your next project

Join the Community Consultants Collective on April 5th for a Collaborative Community Circle.

You may have heard “collaboration,” but what does that mean for consultants? Do we collaborate? Aren’t we competing with each other for business? Have you considered hosting a workshop but didn’t want to do it alone?

What about starting a new service offering without knowing how to start? These are just some reasons to attend the CCC upcoming April session, where we will share ideas, give tips, and discuss collaboration openly.

Founded in September of 2021, the CCC (as we call it) is a watering hole for community professionals transitioning to freelance and consulting work to get support, training, and the tools to grow their expertise.

A few collaborations have blossomed from the CCC, including the following:


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